Dolcorsllwyn Hall Association

Registered Charity No. 1125847

Where Are You Now?

Full Name Bob Downing
Age? 21 (+46) = ?
Marital Status

Very happily married to Carolyn with 2 grown up wonderful children

Your role at Dolly Hall? Trustee, ex-Teacher
Approximate dates when involved with the Hall. First went there in 1966, fell in love with it and so wanted to teach at Brookfield. Got my wish, taught at Brooky for 40 years
List your 3 favourite things about Dolly Hall. The complete serenity of the place even with excited kids there
The lasting memories and influence it has had on so many young people
The surrounding beautiful countryside
What is your fondest memory of Dolly Hall? So many to choose from ? probably seeing so many kids being so happy, relaxed and contented
What is your funniest memory of Dolly Hall? When the lads on a work party were knocking a hole in dorm 3 wall for the fire escape door and they discovered a window frame which had been part of the original building. It had been packed with horse hair to keep our draughts but they thought it was a sign of a human head buried in the wall and raced outside screaming (Kirkby lads of 15 years old?!) Took ages to coax them back inside!
Did you ever hear or see a ghost at the Hall? Nah! Don't believe in them but I still instinctively look round when putting lights out at night and the door closes behind me
Where are you now? Retired, living in Ormskirk and doing my best (with others) to look after the Hall from 100 miles away so it's there for future generations of kids to go and enjoy